Yave Auction 2019

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Auction overview

Lots: 21
Bidding starts: 24 May 2019 14:00:00 BST
Ends: 24 May 2019 16:39:08 BST

Auction Time in your Region

Join us live for this special auction in Guatemala City or online. Bidding starts at this time in your region:

May 24th

  • 08:00 Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • 10:00 New York, NY, USA
  • 15:00 London, United Kingdom
  • 22:00 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • 23:00 Tokyo, Japan

May 25th

  • 00:00 Sydney, Australia

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Yave Blockchain Coffee Auction: Financials

A critical part of this auction is to demonstrate how much it is benefitting Producers who get a better price for their top quality coffee in this low-market environment.

To provide full financial transparency to everyone taking part in the auction we have produced a PDF document in English and Spanish to show a clear understanding of the obligations and break-down of the settlement post-auction. This PDF document outlines the financials:

View Payment Settlement / Ver Liquidación de Pagos

Lots in this auction

Lot Score Bags Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
dk9pr6be585.710992.08lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$4,216.34Australia Luzde MacKenney Maragogype WashedEquator CoffeesFINISHED
bwq7enw8jb85.920892.87lbs$0.25$5.40/lb$4,821.50Calahute Alto Cafe Don Alfonso Anzueto Sandoval  Parainema NaturalNordhavn Coffee RoastersFINISHED
rz29nrgm6287.080858.81lbs$0.25$7.00/lb$6,011.67Concepcion Buena Vista Eddy Solano Bourbón NaturalThe Roasting HouseFINISHED
z9xezpqdme85.0401,752.67lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$7,448.85Cooperativa Coinacagro Rolando Montenegro del Cid  Otro / Mezcla Washed-FINISHED
42e58mw9q88.710724.22lbs$0.25$8.28/lb$5,996.54El Centro Inmer Abel Valladares Rodriguez Geisha WashedPebble Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
dvx9k33zm88.960692.8lbs$0.25$13.25/lb$9,179.60El Injerto Arturo Aguirre Pacamara WashedCherry Beans CafeFINISHED
3vbdgdqrej85.50727.52lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$3,091.96El Potrero Juan Carlos Velasquez Bourbón WashedCoffee GraffitiFINISHED
bkgnp886585.3801,642.88lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$6,982.24Joya Grande Carlos Humberto Solorzano Bourbón WashedEquator CoffeesFINISHED
d83qjzgbx88.5801,355.84lbs$0.25$6.25/lb$8,474.00Kalibus-La Sierra Pompeyo Castillo Cerezo  Geisha WashedPebble Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2xwrrjpwm85.3302,480.2lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$10,540.85La Bella Maria Elizabeth Ortega De Engelhardt  Villa Sarchi Washed-FINISHED
b6qvmz886d89.3302,149.5lbs$0.25$5.75/lb$12,359.63La Hermosa Max FernandoPérez Ríos  Geisha WashedGSC International Co., LTDFINISHED
kz73bwrrn86.4202,281.78lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$9,697.57La Nueva Ovidio Garcia  Pache HoneyEquator CoffeesFINISHED
rb5pxpvvwd87.5401,283.75lbs$0.25$6.00/lb$7,702.50La Patrona Cleily Candida Rios Martinez Pacamara WashedPebble Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
y7kdmd3v686.0801,936.87lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$8,231.70La Perla Edgar Rubén Santiago López Caturra WashedTelluride Coffee RoastersFINISHED
bdnkjbvn5m85.710496.04lbs$0.25$6.00/lb$2,976.24La Pila Rodolfo Garcia Monterroso Bourbón HoneyCopán Trade FINISHED
zwevv6w8686.420992.08lbs$0.25$9.25/lb$9,176.74Las Rosas Rolando Villatoro Geisha WashedOnyx CoffeeFINISHED
4zrzqbvkb85.1301,374.03lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$5,839.63Pampojila Julio Pedro Herrera Herick Caturra Washed-FINISHED
zx2rggprnp85.6702,179.27lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$9,261.90Santa Barbara Rafael Ventura Bourbón WashedEquator CoffeesFINISHED
rjgrkwzee86.380677.59lbs$0.25$4.75/lb$3,218.55Santa Clara Miguel Antonio Medina Godoy Bourbón WashedNearby Coffee Co.FINISHED
j6wbqgdmx985.0401,884.95lbs$0.25$4.25/lb$8,011.04Santa Ines de Medina  Raul Jose Minondo Ayau  Caturra Washed-FINISHED
765kexp7jv87.750976.54lbs$0.25$5.00/lb$4,882.70Compañia Agricola Tierra Alta Adolfo Boppel Carrera Pacamara WashedOnyx CoffeeFINISHED
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