Auction results are in! The world’s first blockchain auction took place at the @producerroasterforum last week in Guatemala! 

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The world’s first blockchain coffee auction will debut at the Producer & Roaster Forum hosted by Anacafe & Perfect Daily Grind

More details on the Producer Roaster Forum

The auction will feature:

  • Specialty micro-lots 85+ from across Guatemala.
  • 21 of the best coffee lots from 150 participating producers.
  • Coffee lots have a unique blockchain ID for traceability & transparency
  • Coffees will be visible to end-consumers on the platform

Join us live for this special auction in Guatemala City or online when bidding starts on Friday, May 24 @ 3pm (London).

View the Auction Results

Yave Blockchain Coffee Auction: Financials

A critical part of this auction is to demonstrate how much it is benefitting Producers who get a better price for their top quality coffee in this low-market environment.

To provide full financial transparency to everyone taking part in the auction we have produced a PDF document in English and Spanish to show a clear understanding of the obligations and break-down of the settlement post-auction. This PDF document outlines the financials: 

View Payment Settlement / Ver Liquidación de Pagos

Our friends at Kai Analytics Inc have built an interactive dashboard. View in-depth information about the coffee and where it is from.

Who will walk away with the coffee?

Learn a little more about the process we have put together for this auction.

About Yave

We believe that our blockchain transaction technology provides democratization and transparency for all coffee growers. Our technology provides an online secure framework for sharing ledgers and transactions, enhancing record keeping veracity while saving time. Our technology can be leveraged to create automatic digital payments in conjunction with trade.

Yave enables business settlement between normally disparate stakeholders. By the nature of blockchain architecture, the Yave platform launch further enables the world’s first digital trading pathway to connect Producers and Roasters around the world on an ongoing basis.

How will this auction benefit you as a buyer?

You can buy 100% traceable, top-shelf coffee, directly from amazing farmers around the world- and connect this value to your end customer. This means the value of the coffee you buy from us travels with the coffee itself. Everyone in the supply chain can access detailed information about the coffee and understand exactly what they are buying.

More importantly, it can be proven; this information creates a virtuous circle. More value goes back to the farmers.

Altogether we build a sustainable supply of coffee. Coffee quality increases and producers are rewarded for the hard work they put in to make the coffee we drink.

What opportunities does this provide you with?

  • Amazing (86+ point) selection of the best coffee from Guatemala;
  • A unique Point-Of-Sale code that ties each bag of your winning coffee to Yave’s 100% traceable blockchain platform online;
  • The ability to incorporate revenue sharing or “bonus” directly back to the producer;
  • An unprecedented coffee journey story, with transparent marketing and ongoing access to the producers who make this possible.


Yave Blockchain Coffee Auction

World's First Blockchain Coffee Auction

Featuring 25 of the best specialty lots from Guatemala

50 Sample Kits Available

Why a Blockchain Auction?

Yave’s Blockchain Auction provides unprecedented traceability and transparency to the best coffees from Guatemala. Origin, quality, supply chain actors, and transactions are verified and recorded on a blockchain ledger.

Roasters and their consumers will learn about the coffee, its journey, and be able to interact socially and financially with the Producers.  


How does it work?

Producers and their coffee lots are verified and recorded in the decentralized, digitally-locked ledger. Once a winning bid is determined, transaction details and chain of custody between supply chain actors (mill / exporter, importers, roasters) register as new ledger entries.

Roasters and coffee lovers can see and interact with the Producers directly through the Yave platform.

The result is network-verified trade that encapsulates traceability and connected commerce.